At least it is for this one….

Here’s a question for all you psychiatrist or psychologist or whatever-ists out there on Medium. And I know you’re out there, ’cause we read and follow you.

And, clap for you (hint, hint…).

I’m basically fine…

Pretty good, really.

Except for this one…

Nursing a large coffee in a brand new day…

Ah, coffee! The actual stuff of life…

Reality chewing through the morning side of the day, slowly, methodically. My part of the world looking out on it.

My grateful little colony of 37.2-trillion cells, all lined up and looking out through…

I have noticed that if your core group of muscles around your stomach and lower back begin to atrophy, then your skeletal structure begins to “sit down on”, or impinge on its own joints, rather than being “suspended” as it were, within a network of muscles which are much better able to support and manipulate the weight of our body. Lower back pain is the first sign of this.

You are absolutely right - regular exercise is the ONLY fix for this!

“Did you know that when it snows
My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen?”

Kiss from a Rose lyrics by Seal © Perfect Songs Ltd.

How to handle a rose:

Dealing with yourself is a little like handling a rose.

You are like a…

A great wrinkle in the aether…

There is a giant crack in the world. And we are standing directly over it.

It is not a physical crack, like the Grand Canyon, but a crack in our psyche — a mysterious unseen ghostly crack, way down in our subconsciousness.

It is…

On seeing the world after cataract surgery:

The stars — they are in bold font tonight!
They are so sharp and singular, they each prick the soul like a needle. They would be painful to look at if they were not so incredibly awe-inspiring.
So tiny. So bright!
Pick a bright one…

Baba Zula — from over the pole…

OK — Baba Zula is really not some guy’s name — it’s the name of a Turkish band — Baba Zula.

Great name, eh? It rolls right off the tongue — Baba Zula.

I discovered these guys while listening to SomaFM, I think.

I have a secret — I am not who I say I am…

(A love letter to my body…)

A murder of crows takes flight into the morning sky, as the new day unpacks itself.

Me, like a bear, stumble from my slumber.

Rubbing my eyes, I let the dog…

Sometimes, the Light.

Another winter under the belt, I muse.

The sun is gradually setting higher in the evening sky.

But, she is having a bit of trouble this evening. She doesn’t want to go to bed at all. …

Ghosts of Malabar Farm

It was 1 degree C when we set out on the Ferguson Falls trail at Malabar Farms State Park here in Ohio. There were nine of us hikers today. …

Bob Collard

Free-agent (aka: retired). I've turned back into a teenager! (Except without all the angst… better hardware, too).

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